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STGC Lacrosse Knights triumphant…!

The epic battle of North Street was fought today Saturday, February 3, 2024. STGC Lacrosse Knights came out triumphant! The Knights displayed their prowess, skill and agility and dominated the game.

The Knights started out in a hurry as within 10 minutes of the start, we were 3-0 up. However, KC came back in a spell of aggression and hard running to end the first half within distance of the Knights with the score at 3-4.

A high energy game with aggression and athleticism was played and is, hands down, the most exciting game since the start of the season. The Knights had to re-calibrate and especially in the last quarter, played sensibly to outplay and outscore our neighbour. We won the game 7-4.

Our captain D’Andrae McKenzie opened the scoring for the Knights with our vice-captain Joel Hardware closing out the scoring. The goal scorers are as follows:

  • D’Andrae McKenzie – 4
  • Dominic Foster – 1
  • Jabari Wright – 1
  • Joel Hardware – 1

Our Development team played against both JC and Calabar and lost the matches.

Somie McKenzie
STGC Lacrosse Knights